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PVB interlayer for laminated glass
Name:PVB interlayer for laminated glass
Light transmittance():87
Shringking ():8
Elongation at peak():200
Tensile strength(MPa):20

Product Description

PVB film (Polyvinyl Butyral)

PVB films are primarily applied in laminated glass that is a construction of two or more pieces of glass. The advantages of PVB films:



Due to high tenacity and adhesion of PVB films, the films can endure external impact and are hard to penetrate through. Although the glass might be broken, it reduces the damage level dramatically since the glass fragment will not scattered around.


Energy saving 

PVB films can reduce radiations from the sun to penetrate into buildings and automobiles, which can balance the high temperature sunlight. Thus, will save electricity consumption for air-condition in buildings and automobiles effectively.


Sound proof

PVB films have a good characteristic of Sound proof, which not only block external noise from outside but also provide a private space.

Architectural Grade PVB film has wide range usage in the field of architectural glass,such as construction wall,cover grid,show wind,bank counter,screen of steel-smeding furnace and bulletproof glass and so on.











light transmittance(%)


Tensile strength(MPa)


Elongation at break(%)


Water Content (%)







Color: clear, milky white, opaque white, translucent white, green, light green, blue, light blue, yellow, brown, light brown, grey, black, red etc.


MOQ: 1 roll


Packing: wooden box

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